Because of the Miss America Organization, I have traveled to five countries, delivered thousands of speeches, performed in thousands of venues, earned over $15,000 in appearance fees and been awarded over $25,000 in scholarships. I have learned to communicate through public speaking and interview situations, become productive in my community, state, and country, and gained self-confidence and empowerment. The Miss America Organization placed a crown on my head to work with Girl Scouts everywhere as a role model for young women. These experiences have catapulted me through life, taking me further than I would have ever gone on my own!
— Stephanie Baldwin, Miss California 2001
I had thought it to be just a typical beauty pageant. However, I came to realize that it wasn’t about appearance and how well you could be a girl. It is about expressing yourself and personal growth. It is about learning who you are and what you are capable of. This program takes young ladies and transforms them into well spoken, independent women who are beautiful inside and out. I am coming out of this experience not as a girl, but as a woman who can present herself with confidence and courage.
— Stephanie Chao, Miss Placentia 2004
My experience at Miss California taught me more valuable lessons than I could have ever conceived. I discovered more about my self and my own capabilities than I ever imagined.
— Laura Thatcher, Miss Placentia 2005
Taking direction from this delightful and talented group of professionals, such as Kathi Baldwin, Jocelyn Williams, Karen Urell, Connie Lieman, Mary Bette, Gary McGinnis, and many others are priceless. It is rare that you will have such willing and valuable advisors at your daughters’ disposal. Encourage her to listen and learn from them, for they each offer a unique area of expertise.

Because of the volunteer work, effort and talent of these men and women, the amount of scholarship funds made available to your daughter are one of the highest I have seen. As a mother of a daughter who has been blessed to be a recipient of a substantial portion of these funds, I am very grateful to these professionals. It has been truly a blessing to me as I have watched each of them voluntarily give of themselves to this program. As a result, I have the utmost respect for the entire Miss America Scholarship program, and I encourage you and your daughter to take pride and consider it an honor to have participated, no matter the outcome of the competition.

Finally, as I see it, each young lady who participates, wins. Ultimately, only one of your daughters will wear the crown, but each of them has the potential to walk away a more virtuous woman; much like a precious jewel of great value.

Thank you,

Peggy LaCroix
— Peggy LaCroix, Mom of Miss Placentia 2006
First, the training, and the networking that one gains from the moment of orientation, even before the crowning, is tremendous. Not only are you surrounded by young women with strong hopes and aspirations as you have, you learn much about yourself. You are put in a position in which you are preparing to represent the city of Placentia to the best of your ability. I hope this wonderful opportunity with be available in the years to come following my year of service.

Mock interviews are absolutely amazing, and I can very much say that all the girls in this program are ready for any professional interview that they undergo. Not only that, one’s people skills are improved tremendously. During various events, one does not only bond intimately with the other young ladies participating, but one also must branch out into the community through city events as well as sponsor participation within the community.

Additionally, this program has allowed me to introduce my platform to various people who otherwise would never have been exposed to it. My platform, Rachel’s Challenge, is a program in which high school students around the nation strive to start a chain reaction of compassion. This was started in memory of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine High School Tragedy. This message of compassion is one that I hold very dear to my heart; I am a founding member of this particular club on my high school campus, and I take this message with me. I hope all that I have said and done to introduce this program has been taken to heart, as a similar such tragedy nearly stuck my high school. With this thought in mind, I strive even more to participate in Rachel’s Challenge.Not only do myself and Miss Placentia, Julianne James, support our own perspective platforms, but we are consistently present at city events. If I had never become involved with the Miss Placentia Program, I highly doubt I would be as involved with community as deeply as I am now.
— Sharon Kong, Placentia's Outstanding Teen 2008